recent projects

These will probably all get shuffled off into the bottomless pit that is my portfolio page in due course, but for now I thought I'd share them with you in this temporary, virtual holding-pen...

For the last couple of years, I have been working alongside (in as much as that's possible, at a remove of a couple of hundred miles, or so...) the magnificent design team at Chandler Book Design to create a collection of unique catalogue covers for this firmly-established supplier of books (both fiction and non-) to schools.

Each cover illustration is designed to communicate Pandora's commitment to encouraging children's reading, and supported reading, from the very earliest years - the era of jam-fingerprinted pages and teddy-shaped reading partners - through primary and secondary-school ages, encompassing the thrilling, transporting realm of fiction and the fascinatingly diverse field of (subject) learning. 

There have been 12 illustratedbyamanda covers to date, a handful of which are shown below, and I have just commenced work on five further covers for publication through to Spring 2013 (I can't share these designs just yet, but am itching [not literally, you'll be relieved to hear...] to do so: there are dragons. 'Nuff said.)


The illustrations do look a little odd without any background, but this is an intentional omission - if you have a quick shufti at Pandora's website, you should be able to see them in their final incarnation, superimposed on graded colour backgrounds to complete the catalogue design. 

An earlier - and substantially smaller - project with Chandler Book Design was to create a character that would become integral to the corporate identity package they were working up for a client's brand, 'Fantasticat' (i.e. Fantastic Cat, is fantastic at...):

More recently, though, I have been working on a number of small (but perfectly formed, as the wildly over-used - but, still [curiously], profoundly comforting to one of diminutive stature, such as myself - saying goes...), including a caricature-leaning 'portrait' of an entire amateur athletics training squad - complete with high-vis-attire bedecked coach - and, a series of six illustrations for a remote client (based in the US, and to whom I was introduced through the revolutionary facility of PeoplePerHour - of which more on my blog:
Yes, they are thundering down a residential street under the cruel glare of an icy moon - I am second from the right and painfully, thigh-punishingly familiar with very inch of that cul-de-sac! (I suppose my sympathies should really lie with the street's residents whose locale our squad has unceremoniously hijacked for weekly Tuesday night training sessions...)

And a couple of illustrations from the delightful, if slightly bonkers (it does go a little magic-realism around the 4th frame...), story commissioned by my US-based client, featuring her partner and partner's beloved hound in the starring roles: