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Although my own book projects are still very much in the nascent, developmental stages, I have collaborated - in an illustrative capacity - with author, historian and infectiously exuberant individual, Charles Jones, on a children's history book: An Illustrated History of 1066 (published by WritersPrintShop, 2009) a sample of images from which are included here: 

An Illustrated History of 1066

(Pluggity-plug: available for purchase from Amazon.co.uk - as you'll doubtless know if you've clicked on the linked book title, above...) 

Other published work has included the illustration (and, incidental, book design...) of a three-stage synthetic phonics reading programme, designed specifically for dyslexic children (across a broad 7-16 years age bracket) by two esteemed educational psychologists - Claire Bolitho and Sabina Melidis - affiliated with Camden Borough Council in London, UK. Further information about the programme, Soundroutes, and its creators can be found at www.soundroutes.co.uk, but for a flavour of the illustrations you need left-click no further!


All the illustrations and page layouts in the above slideshow (entitled 'Soundroutes') are under licence to Claire Bolitho and Sabina Melidis (the Creators), and copyright over all the text and concepts included are retained, and exerted, by the Creators.