greetings cards

While I'd be the first to admit I have a penchant for (debilitating preoccupation with, even...) pressing mice into service as the preferred bearers of seasonal, and all other, greetings, I have been exploring other, less rodent-based creatures for the role:

Until I manage to rationalise my various card themes into something a little more coherent than the current 'miscellaneous' drawer, I hope you'll excuse the sparse appearance of this page and instead venture over to my blog, where there are a few other designs on display in a more readily-viewable arrangement: Greetings Cards 


In search of something more original than the hackneyed ol' beaming snowman/Santa wedged down a chimney/nativity scene to convey your Christmas greetings this year?

Please take a look at my selection of alternative Christmas cards, featuring original illustratedbyamanda illustrations, on Etsy where I'm offering FREE SHIPPING to UK addresses and you can be assured of excellent green credentials (recycled and FSC-accredited stock).