Feel free to rifle through the images uploaded to date and, if there's anything you'd like further information about - image use, commissioning artwork, or just a bit of a chat - please don't hesitate to use the contact details listed below. I'm generally tucked away in my upstairs garret room *cough* of a weekday (and not irregular weekends...) and would be nothing short of delighted to be interrupted by communications from the outside world!    Email :      Mobile: +44 (0)7792 172428

I'm also a (rather wallflower-esque) member of the twitterati, so please do feel free to look me up under the fantastically original tweeting label @amandapollard (which, however, misleading disguises my 'real life' identity as Amanda Pike [this getting married business can bring deeply confusing identity-realted consequences...]). Should you feel moved to 'follow' me (thank you!), I'll do my utmost to chirrup frequently on diverse and scintillating topics by way of reward...!

I can't wait to hear from you!