I'm currently based in Staines, just outside London, in the Surrey countryside (well, almost - if you squint a bit, and deploy some serious imagination...) and available for commissions of all shapes and sizes.

If you’d like to commission a piece – be it an individual personalised greetings card, pencil portrait, full-colour illustrations for a children’s book, or anything inbetween – please feel free to dash off an email to me (see contact page) outlining what it is you have in mind. If possible, an idea of your budget and deadline would be helpful, too. I’ll be glad to put an estimate (at no obligation) together for you to consider, and we can then chat about your individual requirements in more detail from there.

If you prefer, you may (of course) call insteadI’m afraid I’m not always able to answer - particularly when mid-paintbrush-wield (watercolours do not take kindly to being abandoned at a moment's notice, having a tendency to dry almost instantaneously...!) - but, in this event, please do leave an answerphone message, including your name and a contact number, and I’ll return your call as soon as I possibly can.

Should a pet portrait be more along the lines of what you're after, please do also take a look at my blog page on the subject, where there is a little more about this service, an indication of prices, and the processes involved. In most instances, I work from photographs to create the animal's likeness in a combination of pencil and coloured pencil - I've included a modicom of friendly guidance re. photographing your pet (or making the best selection of already-extant photos) to this end, which I hope you'll find useful.

Where a digital version only of the commissioned illustration(s) is required, this can be provided either on CD (and posted by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, unless otherwise agreed) or transmitted via a (free!) large-file mailing facility, such as or an online content storage provider (similar to an FTP), such as Both of these latter options have worked very effectively in the past, and have the benefit of circumventing both the cost and occasionally-questionable reliability of the postal service, and of being virtually instantaneous.

Where the original artwork is to be purchased, though, I will be more than happy to provide you with a high-resolution scan as digital file by one of the above methods if you feel that facility might be useful to you and you'd like to request it.

N.B. In all instances, unless otherwise agreed (i.e. by written, signed consent from myself), I retain copyright to the artwork(s) as the originator, in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988. If you have any questions or concerns re. the intended use of the illustrations you're considering commissioning/commissioned, please do just get in touch and I'll do my utmost to accommodate your requirements.